How much do you know about the hook set?

Now, because of the need of social production, the use of the hook group is more and more. How much do you know about the lifting hook assembly?

The hook assembly is the most widely used device in lifting machines. It is one of the important lifting components of lifting machines. The material is usually made of 20 steel or 16Mn steel. Depending on the conditions of use, various sections are made. The utility model is composed of a hook, a hook nut, a thrust bearing, a hook crossbeam, a pulley, a movable pulley block, a hook, a pull plate and a shield.

The hook assembly is suitable for all kinds of light, medium, heavy, bridge and gantry cranes, as well as other similar lifting equipment, and has the characteristics of reasonable structure, light weight, flexible rotation and high versatility. The hook group has 5T, l0t, 15t, 20t, 25t, 32t, 50t, 75t, 100t, 125t, 150t, 200t and other tonnage. The hook is divided into two groups: short hook type hook group and long hook type hook group.

Short hook type hook set

The hook beam is positioned below the pulley shaft, the hook straight rod part is shorter, and the axial dimension of the pulley block

The steel rope deflection angle is smaller, the odd and even numbers of the rope number are not limited, the application is more, and the disadvantage is the overall height ruler

Inch larger.

Long hook type hook group

Long hook type hook group, the hook straight rod part is longer, the pulley shaft and the hook beam become a whole, the overall height size

Smaller, but the axial size of pulley block is larger, and the number of rope branch is limited to even number.