Maintenance of steel rope


1, light weight, easy to use

2. Do not damage the surface of suspended objects

3, lifting stability, safety

4, high strength, you can judge the tonnage according to color

5, improve labor efficiency, cost savings

6, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance

7, widely used in ports, docks, chemicals, steel, machinery, installation and other lifting places

Matters needing attention:

1, do not use damaged Suspenders

2, when lifting, do not twist or twist straps

3, do not let strap tie knot when using

4, avoid sewing joint parts or overload work

5, when moving the straps, do not drag the straps

6, to avoid the shock caused by the load force or sling.

7. Each sling must be carefully checked before use

8, resistant to inorganic acid functional polyester, but is susceptible to organic acid damage

9. Fiber is suitable for places where chemicals are most resistant