Present situation and Prospect of sling rigging Market

The sling is the auxiliary material for production and construction, and the development of the sling market is closely related to the economic development. Before 2008 November, due to the rapid economic development, China's economy is advancing by leaps and bounds, so our sling development is very fast, both export and domestic sales have reached the peak of history.

However, in 2008 September the world financial crisis, from 2008 to November has begun to affect the real economy, reflected in foreign demand in export, especially the chemical fiber lifting belt, with bolt tensioner transportation, sharply reduced. In addition, due to the appreciation of the renminbi against the euro and other foreign currency sharply, greatly reducing China's rigging export competitiveness, some previously booked foreign orders, due to some foreign currency RMB big appreciation, began a substantial loss.

The main Chinese sling export enterprises accounted for a large proportion of the exports, some enterprises closed the individual workshop, reduced the chemical fiber tape and binding capacity, some enterprises will be transferred to the steel fiber workshop employees rigging workshop, some companies began layoffs. Zhejiang region is mainly export-oriented enterprises, the greatest impact. China's export-oriented enterprises engaged in rigging in 2009, the operating goal is only guaranteed business. In the Chinese market, due to the serious decline in the main industry of rigging, companies have been checking costs, and their demand has been reduced a lot and their ability to pay has declined. Although the country has made plans for the revitalization of these industries, but the international climate is difficult to pick up, so the demand for these industries can not be rapidly improved. It should be noted that due to China's investment in stimulating domestic demand, new projects, such as nuclear power construction, wind power construction, railway and bridge construction, will make the demand for slings and cables increase in these construction projects.

In short, in 2009 China sling exports to reduce by more than 50%, domestic sales should be reduced by more than 10%. In the face of the severe economic situation, the competition for rigging began to become more intense. Some export-oriented enterprises, due to the lack of experience in the domestic market, in order to survive, big price war, seriously affecting the healthy development of the sling industry.

China's sling industry has developed rapidly in recent years, but the technical standards are very imperfect, domestic enterprises produce at random, and even reduce the safety factor without permission. Therefore, the hoisting safety of our country has a great hidden danger. For example, there is no standard for transport bundles. There are only promotion standards and no mandatory standards for hoisting belts.