Production and application requirements of hook

The hanging hook is a tool often used lifting process, we all know this, the hook is divided into single and double hook hook two, single hook often connected together with a sling, sometimes with a hook frame used in combination; only in the double hook crane. Knowing the classification and performance, and so on, do you know what kind of requirements the hook has for making and using it?

Here's to you:

1. the hook is forged with a whole piece of material (usually 20 quality carbon steel) and annealed, with a hardness requirement of 95-135 (HB).

2., the surface of the hook should be smooth, shall not have scratch, notch, acute angle, cracks and other defects, wells are not allowed to damage the hook repair welding, repair, use, so as not to brittle fracture accident.

3. lifting slings should be hung to the hook hook hook in the bottom; such as the direct component in the rings, can make the hook hard or crooked.

There are 4. kinds of single and double hook hook hook. The lifting work generally with single hook, wherein the main dimensions and weight belt hook.

5. if the hook is permanently deformed and cracked, it shall be scrapped. Wear up to 10%, should be downgraded or replaced.