Rules for the use of winches

1 、winch must be set according to specifications. The standard height of not less than 2 metres width of 2.4 meters, 2 meters deep into the net. The roadway along the gob shall be determined according to the actual conditions of the roadway, so as not to affect the safe operation.

2, as far as possible the use of winch construction according to different excavation picks, roadway supporting type with a wooden shed or I-steel shed support. The roof intact by bolting with wire mesh, with broken roof shed supporting

3, 11.4KW small winch foundation should use concrete pouring, its basic specifications for 1 * 1 * 1 meters. The proportion of cement, yellow sand and stone in concrete is 1:2:2, and the ratio of water to cement is 0.4.

4, the winch shed support, to from the outside to inside layer frame, between the shed and to shed support wood or rod into a whole, waist, help to pick back real yan. No more than 0.7 meters from the shed. When the bolt mesh support is adopted, the row spacing of the anchor bolt is 800 * 800mm.

5, the small winch winch motor should be installed in the side of the nest, the operating space distance of not less than 0.8 meters; the operation button switch shelves, neatly without interfering with the operation.

6, other according to the operating regulations in the relevant provisions of the implementation.