What is the difference between a sling and a rigging?

When it comes to rigging, sometimes the slings are mentioned. However, although they are only one word apart, the two are different, so they can not be confused. Then, to distinguish between simple Crossby, then explain the crane sling and rigging. What are the requirements, so that we can learn more new knowledge content, thereby increasing the amount of their knowledge.

Is the sling the same thing as the rigging? That is, what is the difference between them?

Sling, it is a rigid device used in lifting and lifting operations, that is, devices that can be used to lift objects directly, such as hooks, etc., are all kinds of slings. The rigging, it is an integrated digging device, and is flexible, flexible is generally made of a high strength, then with the end ring, hook, shackle assembly. Therefore, there are still essential differences between the two.

There are mainly two parts for lifting slings and rigging:

(1) General requirements

The use of A. slings and rigging should be compatible with the type, lift, specific requirements, and the use of the environment.

B. slings and rigging should be checked prior to operation, and they shall be ready for use until they are in good condition and can be used properly.

Before the C. is fastened, it should be confirmed whether the attached points are firm and reliable so as to avoid any problems.

D. shall not exceed the rated lifting capacity, nor shall it exceed the safety load of work, which is very dangerous.

(2) basic requirements

The stress of A. structure should be simple and stress should be defined so as to reduce the effect of concentrated stress.

The movable parts on the B. sling, if necessary, shall be equipped with a protective cover.

C. quality slings and slings shall be used, otherwise they shall not be used.