Why is the six point nut most common?

People who are familiar with the nut know that there are many kinds of nuts, such as square nuts, round nuts, ring nuts, butterfly nuts, six angle nuts, etc.. Then the most common is the six corners of the nut, then why the six angle nut is the most commonly used?

The six angle nut is the crystallization of the continuous practice of the laboring people in production and life.

1. hexagon nuts, for ease of use. On the machine, the place where the nut is installed is sometimes not ample enough, and the space for the wrench with the nut is quite narrow. Hexagon nut, once only need to wrench the wrench 60 degrees, you can slowly tighten the nut, and the four angle nut needs to pull 90 degrees each time.  That is to say, in order to tighten the nut to leave the place, but smaller hexagonal, octagonal nut wrench with it because the contact surface is small, it is easy to slip, usually rarely used, so it is most convenient for hexagonal nut. Look at the wrench handle and the spanner wrench mouth can become the ordinary 30 degree angle, so that when the mounting nut place is very narrow, can not wrench free, but as long as the six angle nut, a nut spanner wrench, then turn over and then pull a nut, then back and forth a few times, you can put the nut.

2. hexagon nuts are made to maximize the use of materials. Because from the perspective of strength, big nut than small firm, while the past nut is generally made of circular feed milling out the same, a round bar, use it to do six nut high utilization rate is four to six nut nut material, made with the same thickness of the round bar far greater than four, nut.

To sum up, the six angle nut is more convenient and more efficient in material use, so it is the most common one in the market.