Classification Of Chain Maintenance

The chain is one of the rigging accessories, but many people in use but do not know what to choose a chain of specifications, in order to allow everyone to save cost, better use of the chain, Xiaobian today to share with you the chain procurement and management.

Purchasing and home making

1. when buying and selling rigging, we must select qualified products with safety certification, and be sure not to use unqualified products.

2. sling rigging, if it is homemade, should be in line with state and industry requirements of quality requirements, and its technical indicators should be no less than the national and professional standards.

Two, management

1. the use unit shall establish a sling management system for effective management.

2. slings should be inspected regularly for daily use and should be stopped immediately when defects are found to affect safe use.

3. each month the use of units should be a comprehensive inspection of the sling, and in accordance with safety technical requirements, to assess its safety, and to do a good record of inspection.

The safe use, can not be separated from the small role of each component, in the use of chain should pay attention to the usual maintenance and correct use.