Factors Causing Chain Corrosion

1, the chain in the process of production is not strictly in accordance with the requirements of the processing of chain parts and assembly of the finished product chain rust treatment.

2, the use of rust preventive lubricants, cleaning kerosene and other product quality can not meet the requirements of technical regulations.

3, as the chain steel prices gradually reduced, which led to the gradual decline of chain steel. Such as the high content of non-metallic impurities in steel and the deviation of metallurgical structure. Production enterprises used for the production of chain steel, poor material.

4, chain production enterprises in the poor environmental conditions, high levels of harmful substances in the air, the turnover site is too small, it is difficult to carry out effective rust prevention. Coupled with the hot weather, production workers in violation of rust prevention procedures and other phenomena exist.

Cause chain corrosion is the most important reason for the production chain of enterprise factors, of course, do not rule out the late protection of the chain, maintenance measures are poor, and lead to corrosion of the chain.