How To Choose Chain Rigging?

1. the chain rigging shall be precisely chosen so as to be suitable for the type, length and fastening method of the goods to be carried, and no slip will occur, and the wrong choice may cause the chain to break!

2. lifting chain slings are not suitable for surfaces with flat or smooth hanging objects or temperatures outside the range of -40 DEG C to +400 DEG C (the rated load will be lowered over +200 degrees Celsius).

3. lifting chains are never allowed to hoist objects beyond their rated load!

4. the first use of chain rigging shall be checked before the first heavy chain is selected. Chain slings with defects or missing marks shall not be used!

5. supernatural power high strength chain rigging (stage 80) with a red octagonal nameplate. Super chain rigging (level 100) chain, there is a special plate.