Rigging Is Mainly Used For Lifting, Pulling And Tensioning

Rigging is more common in wire ropes. It is mainly used for hoisting, pulling and tightening. Because of its high strength and good toughness, it has received high praise from everyone. But should the wire ropes be malleable?

Following on this issue and we mainly discuss, first say anything is malleable, is only the extension curve is different, here we are with the professional terminology, it is tensile stress curve. As a tool we must first ensure that cannot exceed the elastic stress range, which requires us to consider the rigging can withstand the maximum stress value in the making, and then introduced the production process of information anti rigging.

Of course, wire rope sling when in use is not a single use is often a lot of complex structures used together, which requires us to consider the mechanical analysis on the influence of rigging ductility stress. Of course, from this point of rigging should has some ductility is good, because when the lifting force if suddenly without tensile properties then the rigging itself will excessive bearing moment of tensile stress, the tensile stress can easily exceed the limit which can bear the stress. And if there is a certain elastic pull, it will play a certain role in the lifting of the buffer, which can greatly reduce the probability of wire rope rigging fracture.