The Use Of Rigging, But Also Should Know What

For rigging this important product, today is mainly to carry out some knowledge of the supplement and elaborate, so that we can through this study.

In the rigging of this product, we should also understand and master the knowledge content:

(1) rigging, in combination with the spreader, or multiple sling use, pay attention to the symmetry of its load. In addition, should also pay attention to protect the balance of the load.

(2) rigging in the use of the process, should avoid the collision, friction and oscillation and so on, and it can not be dragged and pulled, because these will cause serious damage to it so that it can not be used normally.

(3) When the rigging load, or a load on the rigging, can not be in the surface or rough objects drag and pull the rope, because it will seriously damage the rigging.

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