What Are The Methods Of Checking The Hooks?

The hook is one of the most important parts of crane hoisting machinery, it must be satisfy requires the use of heavy equipment, this is because the lifting equipment has a certain load limit, if more than words can cause wear hook components, resulting in danger, so we should choose the hook in the selection and lifting equipment matching.

Before the crane is used, the hook shall be inspected, and when checked and tested, various types of lifting hooks are checked for items and contents are the same, but there is a slightly different demand.

1 、 use crane hook lift hook safety check: should according to the use of regular inspection, at least every six months check once, cleaning and lubrication.

2, cranage general inspection method: first kerosene hook leptospirosis, then 20 times the magnifying glass to check whether there is fatigue crack of leptospirosis, especially dangerous part of the check plate hook pin hole, shrubs, and other wear inspection, check the loosening of the fastener. Some large high-level work or the crane crane hook important environmental conditions should be adopted nondestructive testing methods to detect lifting hook, whether the external defects.

Use of new cranes, hooks under the Leptospira, and identification of signs of production units for technical documentation and factory certification. Before being formally used, it shall be indicated that, in accordance with the load test, it has been proved permissible. Test method: increments, gradually increased to 1.25 times the load rated load, when the hook load requirements of not less than 10 minutes. Unloading after lifting hook shall not have cracks and other defects, the opening degree of deformation should not exceed 0.25%.

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