Height 160mm High Capacity Portable Winch Black

Height 160mm High Capacity Portable Winch Black
CAUTION: When tightening or loosening winches, never release the winch bar until you are sure the pawl has fully engaged the sprocket teeth. The winch must be installed where the pawl can easily be seen.
Product Details

The portable winch is divided into a ratchet, a pawl, a frame body and a roller. The surface treatment of the winch is generally black electrophoresis.There are welded winch, a sliding winch, a bolt winch and a double L winch,four different kinds. Each of them is divided into an elevated body, a standard, and a low-profile body to meet different needs of customers in different situations. The main advantage of a sliding winch compared to other types of winches is that it is not fixed at one position of the truck, but can be slid at will, where it is necessary to slide to which position to secure the items in the truck through the webbing, saving more At the same time, the webbing can also better secure the goods and ensure the safety during driving. Therefore, the sliding winch is more flexible than the welded one.